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Greetings and welcome to National Public Education.  I am a public school teacher, in New York City, who has come to the conclusion that the core of our problems in public education stem from the way we allow the states to run public education, not the federal government.  If we ever want to actually improve public education overall, and keep it that way, we need to switch to a national system.  We can leave the local districts as they are, but we need to centralize overall control at the national level.

Needless to say, this would not be easy.  It would mean transferring all the tax money that comes to the states for education to the federal government -- certainly not a popular idea in these days of "small government."  And it might well involve a constitutional amendment, approved by 3/4 of the states.  Still, it is the only way to get our school system to the point where it can actually get better.  Difficult as it may seem, we have to start discussing a national school system.

I hope you enjoy the posts and comments.  The whole point is to start a discussion about this difficult topic, so that we can at least better understand why, or why not, we can make such a fundamental change in our public school system.





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